Land Development Consultation

Do you own a piece of property but don’t understand if or how it could be developed? SMITH Engineering can get you going in the right direction. We can help you understand the development potential for your site, guide you through the entitlement process, and introduce you to potential buyers.

We start with our planning services, producing yield studies to determine approximate lot yield (or maximum floor area) that your site may accommodate. SMITH Engineering will then assemble a team of consultants that will comprehensively study the feasibility of developing your site. Depending on the parameters of the site, that team might be comprised of environmental consultants, soils consultants, traffic consultants, etc., that can aid in identifying constraints to development.

Land Development Consultation
SMITH Engineering can then shepherd the proposed development through the complicated entitlement and permitting processes, acting as your representative to the many review and permitting agencies. We can anticipate potential obstacles and pitfalls and advise you on the appropriate actions/direction to take.

And let us know when you are ready to sell your property. SMITH Engineering has a solid reputation in the building industry in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Through our extensive network of contacts, we can introduce you to developers and builders who may be well suited to purchase your property.

Our ultimate goal is to make our Client’s vision a reality!

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