Land Planning

SMITH Engineering provides responsive and highly valued Land Planning services.

Clients frequently request rough yield studies when they are evaluating the development potential of certain properties. Within a day or two, SMITH Engineering provides sketches of possible layouts, so that our Clients can quickly determine if they want to pursue a contract on a property.

During the Due Diligence period, SMITH Engineering integrates engineering expertise into the planning process. Through the preparation of preliminary grading studies, utility design, intersection analysis, etc., SMITH Engineering refines the site layout, incorporating any additional constraints that are identified by the development team. By integrating engineering with planning, our Clients may move forward with confidence, knowing that residential and/or commercial yields will not decrease when the site goes to final engineering.

SMITH Engineering also provides land entitlement services. Whether a Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Special Use Permit, Special Exception, Special Permit or Variance is needed, SMITH Engineering is an asset in the quest for approvals. SMITH Engineering will work with the Client, development team, staff and approving boards to hone the site design while protecting our Client’s interests. In addition to preparing General Development Plans and other zoning documents, SMITH Engineering also provides testimony at community meetings and public hearings.

Our ultimate goal is to make our Client’s vision a reality!

Land Planning
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